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  1. Review: Jumper

    I recently finished the book Jumper, by Steven Gould. I remember watching the movie about a decade ago and mostly enjoying it. But I learned that the book was nothing like the movie, and since I read a breif description of it (I believe it was by Howard Tayler of …

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  2. Review: Shaanxi Gourmet

    From the outside to my Western eyes, Shaanxi Gourmet in Natick, MA, looks like pretty much any other Asian restaurant - characters from a language that I'm not familiar with, metal-and-glass doors, some Asian statues (copies of terra cotta warriors, in this case), a clean, but not entirely well-kept front.

    Walking …

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  3. Flight Time

    I'm on my way from FSM to DFW this morning (and from there to BOS). I'm going to Boston for a job interview, and I figured that I'd do a little bit of active entertianment by writing, rather than passive where I'm just watching some shows that I've downloaded on …

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  4. Invasive Tech

    I just encountered a webinar that I wanted to add to my calendar. Fortunately for me, there was a link: "Add this webcast to your calendar: <link>", it said. "Fantastic!", I thought, as I clicked the link. And as I clicked through the link they wanted to manage my Google …

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  5. What is Expertise?

    Yesterday I was out mowing the lawn when my daughter came out of the house with a poopy diaper in a bag. She tried to save herself from having to step off of the concrete one step by throwing the bag over the fence at the garbage cans. In doing …

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