Breakstone's Mango Habanero Cottage Cheese

tl;dr If you like fruity cottage cheese, this is weirdly delicious.

I was at Walmart yesterday, and I hadn't eaten much all day so I was really hungry. That always makes me a bit more adventerous with what kinds of food I'm willing to put in my mouth. I love mango habanero wings from Buffalo Wild Wings (drooling a bit, just thinking about them), and anywhere else I've had them really.

Then I came across this product:

It's not yogurt - mango habanero cottage cheese?

Mango habanero, and cottage cheese? That just seemed... weird! As a kid, I had grown up and cottage cheese was just something you ate from a bowl with a spoon. No other use for it - you didn't put it in anything and you certainly didn't put anything in it. Then at about 20 years old someone served me a leaf of iceberg with a slice of pear and cottage cheese, as part of dinner. I was in a situation where it would have been impolite to refuse, and I'm always interested in trying new things anyway.

I was surprised at how much enjoyed the pear/cottage cheese/lettuce combo. But it was actually rather good. Not so good that I've sought it out often since, but it was good enough that I wouldn't say no.

So when I saw mango habanero cottage cheese, and I was really hungry... I decided to try it. After all - worst case scenario it was worse than frozen sushi (which would be saying something) and I could write a delightful rant about how horrid it was.

But it actually really good. At least, if you're hungry and you like cottage cheese with fruit. If you can't tell from the photo, it came in one of those separated cups, presumably because everyone loves different flavors different amounts. I tried a couple of spoons with a bit of the jelly on the spoon and then getting some cheese. But I couldn't really get a satisfactory blend - after a couple of spoons I just scooped it all and stirred it around. It was really quite good, but I could have used probably 2x the habanero and another half of the jelly to get a really good blend. As it was, it was more of a hint of mango habanero to the cheese. It was less spicy than one of Sonic's jalapeƱo poppers.

All in all, I would probably buy it again at $1 if the opportunity presented itself, but I wouldn't go seeking it out. But if you like mango habanero and you enjoy fruit with your cottage cheese, you should totally pick one up if you notice it there.