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  1. Flight Time

    I'm on my way from FSM to DFW this morning (and from there to BOS). I'm going to Boston for a job interview, and I figured that I'd do a little bit of active entertianment by writing, rather than passive where I'm just watching some shows that I've downloaded on …

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  2. What is Expertise?

    Yesterday I was out mowing the lawn when my daughter came out of the house with a poopy diaper in a bag. She tried to save herself from having to step off of the concrete one step by throwing the bag over the fence at the garbage cans. In doing …

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  3. More Frequent Posting

    Recently I've read some articles about writing blog posts more frequently. I think there's a lot to be said for posting more frequently than what I have been doing (which is improving, but still not great). I do find that writing more often helps me to keep my thoughts better …

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  4. Working Hard and Saying No

    I'm really not sure what I plan to write about, but it's been too long since I've last written. One of the reasons is that I've been taking on more responsibility at work, which is fun, exciting, and challenging. My current big challenge is taking a project that has been …

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  5. I Miss My Brother

    I miss my brother. My wife picked up the Shrek 4-pack from Walmart tonight, and we watched it as a family. The very beginning of the movie is the song, Hallelujah, performed by John Cale. I helped Ross figure out some of the chords and how to tab it out …

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  6. My Weekly Goal

    I've decided that I want to write at least one post a week. Written communication is surprisingly essential for someone who programs for a living - although it's really not that surprising if you've been in the field for very long.

    Or if you think about it for a minute, because …

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