Comparisons, SQLAlchemy, and Timesheets

Today, after visiting the cheeseshop Python Package Index, and thinking some thoughts, I decided that what the world needs is a nice, simple, easy-to-use timesheet module for Python.

The ones that I found on PyPi are geared specifically towards frameworks.

I wanted to create one that would be incredibly useful and versatile if you had any kind of timesheet needs. But when I was thinking about how I would make things more or less generic, I got a bit stuck at first - how could I provide filters for custom properties on an object that the client might provide? When I was pondering the problem the solution came to me: SQLAlchemy!

With SQLAlchemy you can do things like:




How could such things be?

Well, it turns out to be amazingly simple. Like, "Oh, wow. Duh!" kinds of simple. Like, this simple.

Also, isn't Open Source software amazing?

Anyhow, I realized that not only should this be do-able, but it also should work out pretty great.

I'll be starting work on it soon, so if you're interested in hacking on some Python code, or you need some timesheets in your application, feel free to check out my project on GitHub.