Crazy Drug Dream

I just had the craziest dream.

My wife and I were... somewhere. On vacation. We had stopped by this library. We had a rental car. She went to the bathroom while I gathered our things to leave. I got everything packed up and then we were headed back to the car. For some reason I tried to take this shortcut or something and I ended like in the back room of some office thing that was clearly not a shortcut but totally trespassing. So I leave, and as I leave this dude walks out from a different building in the same like... complex thing. He's wearing a red bandana over his face and carrying a longboard. I don't know what made me think it other than the bandana over his face but he clearly was robbing something.

He pulled his bandana down and starts talking to me like he knows me, which he clearly doesn't cause I'm pretty sure I never met the dude in my life. I beat a hasty retreat and start making my way back to J. The dude starts following us and generally acting super creep-tastic, riding on his longboard. For a moment there's some other woman with us - a friend of J - but then she disappears. J and I keep walking, though this dude keeps trying to like... be a part of our conversation, and maybe was talking about doing drugs?

We get closer to where we had left the car (I guess maybe at a gas station? I don't really understand anything that went on), and finally this guy disappears on his longboard. I start telling J how crazy this dude was and how he was obviously a shady character, and we're walking down this sort of shop/alley way - like it's in front of all these shops (or between them) but it's very narrow and kind of thrown together like. So we're moving along and all of the sudden this guy comes up as I'm talking about how weird he was and says something about doing drugs. I told him, "No man, I don't do drugs!" Which is true. But then he like shoves me into this little L shaped alcove next to the entrance of one of these shops and scrapes the back of my neck with his thumbnail.

Then he like, leaves and disappears into the crowd.

As I come out, J makes some sort of comment like, "What was that about?", but I feel everything start to go... slow. And disconnected. And I kind of stumble to my knees. There's a female police officer there who looks an awful lot like the one on Santa Clarita Diet, and someone dressed as a paramedic nearby. "Are you okay, sir?" she asked. "Call 911, I'm pretty sure I was just poisoned!" I hear myself saying. "That's OK, Sir, we'll get you to a hospital." She calmly replied. "No! Call 911" I respond, which she doesn't, and eventually just like, says to this random "paramedic", "Okay, fine, I guess he doesn't want to go to the hospital." Then she smiles and chuckles. I know they're not really good people, though I don't know why. I urge J to keep moving, but the world is all kinds of wobbly now. I feel a bit compressed and shrunk at the same time and the drugs are definitely doing a number on me.

Then I realize the guy is chasing us! Holy crap! "Run!" I yell, and we start running. Somehow even though I am hiiiiigh as a kite I am able to run, vaulting over walls and things - somehow J is, too, but we are losing this dude. Somehow we end out passing our car, which was sitting at the pump of this gas station, but it's OK because our hotel is only a few blocks away and this crazy drug poisoner/kidnapper dude is still booking it after us. We're running along but J is actually outpacing us. Then I go to vault this series of brick walls - it was like shops or houses or something had these brick fences about waist height all along in a row. J vaults over one and takes the lead, and then she vaults over the next. I vault over the first, but for some reason I foget to fall. Obviously it's the drugs, but I'm literally floating, standing up, hovering about 45 inches off the ground. What in the world is happening here? Am I really blazed or am I actually floating along, roughly at running speed. The guy is still about 50 yards behind us, but doing a great job at keeping up. "Honey, I'm floaaating!" I call to her as she keeps vaulting the fences. She makes it to the end, and then I do, but I have no clue if she's actually seen me or not.

We keep running, and to our right there are two A-frame buildings, you know the kind where the roof goes all the way to the ground? They weren't very big, like you barely would have room to stand or put anything in them. But that's how it was. And then we start realizing that we kind of missed a street or a turn or something and there's this huge set of buildings and brush, dramatically lit, it's dark out now even though it was afternoon at the beginning of our chase that definitely did not last more than 5 minutes, unless I was even more toasted than I felt. And now the guy is gaining on us and we're trying to get back to the safety of our hotel but we can't really find the right path through the woods/trees/buildings/brush... and then I wake up.

What kind of weirdo dream was that?