How to use Cmder + Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows

If you've never used the fabulous Cmder, then congrats on being one of todays lucky 10k! Cmder is the best tool for wrapping other shells on Windows. It offers tabs and other nice things that you're just not going to find in your typical Windows terminal.

And with the rise of the Windows Subsystem for Linux, it's the tool you need that you didn't know you needed. Fortunately, cmder is easy to install. You just go to and download and install it. Sweet! But if you want to use Ubuntu then you're going to need a little more. You get that more by opening up the settings (Win+Alt+T) and adding a new task. Or futzing with an old one.

I called mine Ubuntu. Then not in the "Task parameters box", but the one below that, add this:


I'm assuming that you already have WSL and Ubuntu 18.04 installed. If not, you should go back and do that now.

And now save your settings (you may want to check "Default task for new console"), and open up the terminal. Everything should be A-OK. Before I had followed Gingter Ale's instructions, but I also have changed my shell to fish - if you just use bash.exe as in those instructions then it will launch bash (I had also previously set it up to pass in fish as a paramter or something), but using ubuntu1804.exe is probably a healthier way to go. Now enjoy your real Linux on Windows :)