Introduction to Python

Intro to Python. by Jessica McKellar

(Full disclosure - this review is part of the Books for Bloggers program)

Are you looking for a simple introduction to Python? Do you find learning from videos better than reading tutorials online? Then get this tutorial. Introduction to Python, by Jessica McKellar, is a fantastic introduction to the Python language and programming environment. She walks you through the basic Python data types, and then brings you into some more advanced ideas.

If you have a quiet afternoon and have been looking to learn Python, you should be able to follow Jessica's examples and become fairly familiar with the basic pieces of Python. These videos are broken into logical chunks so even if you a full afternoon to devote to Python, you can spend 10 mintues here, 30 minutes there over a week or two. I watched the videos over the course of about a week after work, and I really enjoyed it. As an advanced developer, I didn't really pick up anything new about programming, but I did find myself wishing that I had an introduction like this to Python. It would have been a fairly effective suppliment and jump start to my computer science education.

I think this is a perfect resource for any beginner wanting an introduction to Python - I give it a 5/5.