Today I learned something pretty epic going on: Julython! It's all about making a goal of just doing something for each day of the month.

I have several projects that I have in the works, but I think my Julython project is going to be my project Jaspy. This is (yet another) project with the goal of bringing Python to the browser.

We've got brython and skulpt already, and there's even Pyjamas. What I want to do is combine the best of all the worlds. In fine:

<script type="text/python">
def hello():
    print("Hello, world!")

Will print "Hello, world!" at the end of the page. Basically this is going to be a Python > Javascript translator, written in Javascript. But I want to support all the Python things - import of modules, decorators, etc. etc.

I expect there may be some features that I'm unable to support, but my goal is to be able to support the main bulk of the language with syntax completely unchanged. To that end I'm working on writing a parser, but it's been quite a while since that course in college, so I have to remember how the heck I'm supposed to write the darn thing.

But I'm excited, because it paves the way for my next project - a programming tutorial called, "Programming is Magic!"

Because it is.