More Frequent Posting

Recently I've read some articles about writing blog posts more frequently. I think there's a lot to be said for posting more frequently than what I have been doing (which is improving, but still not great). I do find that writing more often helps me to keep my thoughts better organized in general. I think that writing more often also helps you write better.

There's a story from the book Art & Fear (I don't know the validity of the account - it may be apocryphal), where a ceramics teacher has two classes - he tells the one class: "You'll be graded solely on the quantity of work that you produce." To the other class, "You'll be graded on the quality of one piece." At the end of the semester, it was actually the class that was graded on quantity that had the best quality pieces. The explanation is that they were able to better test different methods and discover things that did and didn't work.

Even if it is apocryphal, there are other experiences that echo this kind of result. In the Marshmallow Challenge there are two groups of individuals that tend to produce the best results. (Un)surprisingly, structural engineers do well (as you would hope!) but the other highest scoring groups are actually 2nd graders. Yeah, 2nd graders. Not project management teams, or programmers, or MBAs. The reason they were so good is because they didn't bother wasting time deciding who was going to do what - they just started playing around and building, figuring out what did and didn't work as they went along. These kids significantly outperformed most adults, other than those who had formal training on how to build things.

I think it's pretty easy to see how that relates to writing more. The more you write the easier it gets to write. You learn what parts of writing work for you, and you develop the skills to rapidly put them into practice. So the more I write the faster I should get better, which is my goal. I want to get better at writing.

So I want to write with more frequency, and maybe it's nothing more than a glorified tweet, and maybe it's barely a tweet, but the more I write the better I should get at writing.

The other side of writing on my own blog is one about ethics and control. If I'm writing on my own blog then I'm the one who owns the content and the platform. If I want to show ads, or not, I'm the one who gets to do that. And I don't care if Facebook starts charging (lol, no) for access or even if DigitalOcean goes belly-up tomorrow. Because I own my content I just have to deploy it to a different provider, and I could do that in a few minutes if I had to.

The other thing is that my content isn't trapped by these various platforms. If I want to reproduce it there, I can, and if I want to publish links, I can. But as long as you have an RSS reader, all you need to do is subscribe to my feed and boom. You'll know exactly when I publish anything.

Personally, I feel that as someone who has the knowledge and skills to be able to host my own blog, that's something that I should be doing.

So here's to more writing!