On Politics (but only a little)

I've noticed a little something. Republicans want to deregulate certain things so that the rich can exploit the poor and middle class. The Democrats want to take from the middle class to feed the poor. And most, if not all of the laws that you find are named ironically.


  • USA PATRIOT Act - Has nothing to do with patriotism, and everything to do with giving government the power to break laws with impunity. Wheeee!

  • CANSPAM Act - Designed explicitly to allow spammers to send emails with impunity. And if it wasn't, then whoever wrote the bill is retarded. I mean, seriously - you cannot have a fully functioning intellect and believe that it would ever do anything but. I mean, I'm not even a lawyer or a politician and I could see that.

Which brings me to the government shutdown (which also happens to be ironic, as the services that probably do the least to ensure a free/secure/independent/healthy/awesome nation are the only ones working. I mean, guards to prevent people from going to a WWII memorial. Wat. I mean, seriously. WAT????

Patently absurd.

And the whole reason that the shutdown happened in the first place is because the House refused to cave to Congress' demands that everyone be given the same extension to Obamacare as big businesses. Oh wait, Obamacare isn't actually the name of the law.

It's the Affordable Care Act.

Not a government run health program. Not healthcare reform. Not a regulation to prevent Breaking Bad scenarios from taking place.

Just the Affordable Care Act.