Pixel, USB-C, Mechanical Keyboards, and You

I cannot wait for my UHK. "Why is that?" You may ask. For a few reasons. One, the UHK is totally awesome. At least that's what it looks like from everything I've been seeing. But two, we recently got some refurbished Google Pixels. Not Pixel XL or Pixel 2 XL, but the original pixels. They're so very nice after spending several years using cheap phones. I finally have a phone with more than 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM (or less). And it has a USB-C connector. I'm sure you're familiar with the USB-C connector by now - my old work Macbook was powered with a USB-C connector. They're the best - it doesn't matter which way you turn the plug, and the new connectors have the same ends on both side. It's a magical new world.

Recently I bought a USB-A to USB-C adapter, because I was planning on using them for charging... I thought that I had a USB-A to USB-A cable, but Ihaven't been able to find it. But then I had the bright idea to see if I could plug my keyboard in (I do have some mechanical keyboards already aside from my UHK). And it WORKS! I'm actually using it right now to write this post with Termux on my Pixel. These are some things that I love.

The UHK is going to be amazing though, since it can be both a keyboard and a mouse. MMMmmmmm. I'm so excited! Only a couple of months now! I'm sure I'll be gushing about that when I get it.