Reclaiming My Digital Life

I just read Duncan Stephen's Why it's time to reclaim our digital lives.

I've had similar feelings for a while - I prefer a world of RSS and email to a world of Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

It's so hilariously sad to me that Google built one of the best social networks totally by accident with the Google Reader Sharebros. I didn't even know that existed until after Google announced they were destroying a beloved piece of software. It was actually one of the two Google products that I religiously used, that and Gmail.

I'm in a similar soft of transition, trying to reclaim my digital life. I haven't written much about it lately, but this post was definitely another drop in my bucket of insipiration.

In fact, it was a large enough drop (or it's just easy to tip my bucket - you know what, this metaphor is starting to go off the rails) that I'm actually writing my response as a trackback instead of a comment on his post. Because I'm taking control of my digital life, that's why.

Reclaming our digital life is difficult to do - most "services" are selling you as the product, so it's hard to get out of the hold they have on you. But it's totally possible!

And that's what I'm working on. Sure, I do host my site on a VPS provider, but it's a little hard to not do that. Plus, because I control all of the content, and I use SaltStack to set it up, it should be tremendously simple to change where I have it hosted. One of these days I should do a test to see if I can migrate my site with little to no downtime.

Duncan's article does a great job of explaining why you should reclaim your digital life. I don't have any particularly exciting new insights. I just agree with what he wrote, and I'm adding my own few bits to the party.