Secrets Below

Secrets Below by Amy M. Ward & Olivia Cayenne is the companion novel to Secrets Above. It was exactly what I expected after reading the first book. I want to enjoy those books so bad, but it's so so hard. In this book the main character is Lukan, who is (again) our narrator and main character all in one.

Today I heard a phrase: "Don't drop Chekov's Gun." Which apparently is this gun that was probably in a book where Chekov dropped his gun and then it had nothing at all to do with the story!

Chekov's entire armory gets flung about with wild abandon. I suspect that the authors wanted to allude to what's going to happen in future books. In particular an example was talking about the exact percentages of people who succumbed to this virus. And the percentages were weirdly specific like 92.13% or something. And the narrator even comments on this being weird. And then it's never mentioned again.

There's another part where Lukan is told this story... that ends out being irrelevant. When it could have actually been useful, I guess. Maybe they'll bring it back up in the third book.

I think the weirdest point in this story is the Lukan is the towns only lookout. He always hears the enemy before anyone else could, and then he goes to this lookout post to see how soon they'll arrive at the town. But there's never an explanation given on why someone else couldn't just stay there at the lookout post, because I can tell you after 90 years if you can't develop a basic lookout then you're going to have larger problems in your community.

Anyway - again I loved the underpinnings of the story, but it really needs a good editor.