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  1. Introduction to Python

    Intro to Python. by Jessica McKellar

    (Full disclosure - this review is part of the Books for Bloggers program)

    Are you looking for a simple introduction to Python? Do you find learning from videos better than reading tutorials online? Then get this tutorial. Introduction to Python, by Jessica McKellar, is a fantastic introduction to the Python language …

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  2. Python Registry Hack

    You know those nifty installers for Python packages? The ones that target a specific version, but sometimes you don't have that one in your Windows registry?

    Well, I've discovered a hack to work around that.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software …
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  3. Now With More Pelican!

    So I've just installed Pelican to start generating my blog. I'm a huge Pythonista (and will be giving a talk at PyArkansas), so the fact that it's done in Python is a big plus. I also am a big fan of flat files - I'm somewhat anachronistic, I suppose. I'm looking …

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