Welcome to Wayne's Domain!

This is a site to showcase my experiments, projects, etc.

My blog
Where I write. Some of it formal, some of it casual, some of it personal. But all of it available via rss/atom, because I feel strongly about owning my own writing.
Simplest Python Package
The simplest Python package that I could make, if you want to make your own Python package to upload to pypi, you can start with this.
Correct Horse Battery Staple
An implementation of http://xkcd.com/936/, for generating strong passphrases.
A command line Python Pomodoro timer. Super simple, but meets my (current) needs.
A simple Python photo importer, to help with my photo processing workflow.
Endpoint fun
I wanted to show someone that the backend was irrelevant. Doesn't matter if it's written in Python or Java (or anything else).
A simple patch I made against pypyodbc
Pypyodbc is a pure Python ODBC wrapper. I was using it professionally at one point and discovered that it was returning only the first letter of the column names. After diving in and debugging it I discovered that the byte string it was returning looked something like this:
. I realized that the string was coming back as a 64-bit string, but the way they were using it, it was treating it as a 32-bit string, that is to say that it was looking for a null terminator, so
was all it was processing. I researched a couple of places and asked a question on Stack Overflow and figured out that this was what it would take to fix the problem.
I didn't really like any of the SQL clients that I had used - especially for ODBC databases. So I wrote a little app that let me use Vim to write my SQL, and then I could get the results in a new split, so I could explore the results using Vim.
UHK Case Prototype
I recently #GotMyUHK - the incredible Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. I want to take it places with me, so I wanted a case. However, making it out of wood or something might take a lot more work, and I don't really *know* what I want. What about using some cardboard?