I was wrong, Get me outta here!

Welcome to Wayne's Domain

No really, I sincerely welcome you! It's rare to find people who would rather think critically, read deeply, and really engage rather than consume the fluff that is social media.

The first thing you might notice about this site is that it is very basic. No flash, no frills. That is intentional — I only want you here if the content is engaging to you. I only want you here if you want to be here. That's why I give you every opportunity to go somewhere else. I hear Wikipedia is nice this time of year.

Still here? Maybe you are interested in seeing what I've got! Here is some of my finest artisanal HTML:

About Me
An overview on me. Would you want to be my friend? Rival? Mortal enemy? Click here and find out!
My blog
Not actually artisanal yet. Where I write. Some of it formal, some of it casual, some of it personal. But all of it available via rss/atom, because I feel strongly about owning my own writing - I've been burned too many times in the past.
My blag
Writings with actual artisanal HTML, with a hand-crafted RSS feed to go with it.
Found Art
I leave bits of art around for people to find and keep.
UHK Case Prototype
I recently #GotMyUHK - the incredible Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. I want to take it places with me, so I wanted a case. However, making it out of wood or something might take a lot more work, and I don't really *know* what I want. What about using some cardboard?
Currently just links to Google Photos and Flickr
Interested in my work experience? Want to hire me?
Simplest Python Package
Once upon a time I was discussing with someone what it took to make a Python package pip-installable. It's easier than you think! The simplest Python package that I could make, if you want to make your own Python package to upload to pypi, you can start with this.
Correct Horse Battery Staple
There are many implementations of CHBS out there, but they all fall short. This is my implementation of http://xkcd.com/936/, for generating strong passphrases. See it in action here!
A command line Python Pomodoro timer. Super simple, but meets my (current) needs.
A simple Python photo importer, to help with my photo processing workflow.
Endpoint fun
I wanted to show someone that the backend was irrelevant. Doesn't matter if it's written in Python or Java (or anything else).
A simple patch I made against pypyodbc
Pypyodbc is a pure Python ODBC wrapper. I was using it professionally at one point and discovered that it was returning only the first letter of the column names. After diving in and debugging it I discovered that the byte string it was returning looked something like this:
. I realized that the string was coming back as a 64-bit string, but the way they were using it, it was treating it as a 32-bit string, that is to say that it was looking for a null terminator, so
was all it was processing. I researched a couple of places and asked a question on Stack Overflow and figured out that this was what it would take to fix the problem.
I didn't really like any of the SQL clients that I had used - especially for ODBC databases. So I wrote a little app that let me use Vim to write my SQL, and then I could get the results in a new split, so I could explore the results using Vim.
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