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To: everyone.everywhere.all.at.once
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2023 19:49:33 +0000
Subject: Email EVERYTHING


Even when I hate email I love email. I mean, really what I hate is spam, because we legalized it, but that's a problem for a different day. What I'm writing about here and now is the fact that everything could have been an email - not *just* this meeting. I'm serious when I mean that, by the way. We have built a lot of things that could just have been an email. Maybe with some more advanced tooling, but it definitely could have just been an email.

Think about the things you work with and do on a daily basis. You probably check your actual email. You probably hang out out some social media, hopefully trying to correct your Uncle Steve and his conspiracy theories about how COVID is just a scam to distract all of us that Blockbuster is really controlling the government. Maybe you post a few cat pictures. Then you probably log onto your work chat and maybe bounce around a few attachments. Might hop on a few Zoom meetings that really could have been an email. Probably try and schedule a bunch of different meetings or something.

Maybe you're a Site Reliability Engineer and events happen that need human interaction. You might get a page, of course. You probably log into some website out there that has cross linked a bunch of events that you've built up, and you have to go in and close those tickets out.

Maybe you're a support staff and you're communicating with others in the support team and customers. You're probably looking up answers to questions in a database (or probably knowledge base). You might be working with other support staff, either to escalate or to find answers to questions you don't know yet.

There might be some

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