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What the heck is Artisanal HTML?

n 1: a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft - WordNet 3.0

An artisan is a craftsman that produces items by hand. One-off items, custom creations that are specifically tailored for whatever need they have to fill. I got started with the Internet when the web was young, and I *loved* the magic of being able to make web pages. But somehow over the course of the years we went from hand-crafted webpages that were expressions of love and devotion to the subject of the site, to mass-produced, mass-consumed garbage.

In the late 20-teens I realized how much I despised what the web had become. I was a dissatisfied consumer who realized that almost every moment of entertainment and free time was spent worshiping Facebook or Twitter in very unhealthy ways. My phone's "ping" was a constant source of dopamine, in my hand more often than not. The little red balloons were a constant source of both annoyance and pleasure. I had to go check the app so that I could make the number go away. And I wasn't very happy - but I was spending so much time pinging back and forth that I couldn't even figure out why.

Honestly I don't remember what the trigger was, but gradually I realized that I hate almost everything about Facebook, Twitter, and all their friends. If you've seen The Social Dilemma then you have some understanding. But for me it's also even more than that. I don't need some massive website or app that does all of the things, just to put information on the web. I can do that right from here.

I can create a static web page and then you can visit it and read it. If you like or hate what I have to say then you can send it to other people. If you want to have a discussion with me about it then you can send me an email. But this page is extremely small. It probably takes up less space than Google's main webpage. Because it's the content that's important to me - not tracking who you are, what your preferences are, or trying to figure out how to trick you into buying things. If you want to send me money, I'm not going to stop you, but I'm not trying to manipulate you into doing it.

So I hand craft my HTML. I didn't use Facebook or Google or any fancy editor. It's just text - in fact if you right-click and "view source" you can see my HTML. It's very *very* simple. You can view it in a text browser like Lynx. It's probably even reasonably read via curl. You could craft your own HTML, too, if you wanted.

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p.s. Currently my blog is actually not artisanal. Sorry about that :(

p.p.s. The first webpage was pretty basic.

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